Caring for Rugs

Caring for rugs is important to make your rug lasts longer. All rugs – whether machine-made, handmade, small rug or a large rug/carpet – will last longer and retain value through the years if properly cleaned and cared for.

Rug Treatment Sprays

There are protective sprays on the market that help to protect a rug from spills soaking into the fibres. However, some rugs are treated with these chemicals by the store or manufacturer Some fibres and some sprays may not work well together. Ask your rug seller if the rug has been treated, and if so with what chemicals.

Rug Pads

In addition to preventing movement on the floor surface, rug pads also help guard against wear and tear of the rug, since rugs also wear from the bottom up, rug pads allow the rug to ‘breathe’. There are several choices available on the market depending on the type of rug you have. Check with your rug seller, but most rug pads will not mark, stain or discolour the floor or carpeting underneath, as most underlay materials are stretchy. Because you don’t want it to be visible at the edges of your rug, a rug pad should be trimmed one inch shorter than the edge of the rug.

All rug pads work with all types of rugs, including hand-knotted and machine made. However, it is important to choose a rug pad based on the type of floor the rug will will be used on.

Day-to-Day Rug Cleaning

When you first receive your rug, make sure to vacuum it and lay it flat. Since it has been rolled up for a while, you may need to let it breathe and relax before it looks its very best. Some shedding, mild odours and crinkling is normal when you first receive your rug. However, this should remedy itself within a few weeks with gravity and vacuuming. If you are not happy with the lie of the nap and wrinkles in the rug after this time, you should contact the company where you purchased it and consider an exchange or refund.

  • Sweep your hard surface floors often. This helps keep the dirt at bay that would eventually get caught deep in the rug fibres and promote wear from underneath the rug.
  • Vacuum the rug at least once every week to prevent dirt from being ground into the pile. Vacuum the back of the rug every other month.
  • A good quality vacuum cleaner is important to provide efficient dirt and dust removal and help to prevent the presence of dust mites, moths and carpet beetles. Look for a vacuum with a ‘HEPA filter’.
  • Change or clean your air conditioner filters often to reduce the amount of dust in the air.
  • Leave shoes at the door. Shoes drag in outdoor dust and dirt and help to crush down the fibres of the carpet.

In addition to children and pets who are a difficult hazard to avoid, there are three types of damage that you can minimise to help protect your rug:

Sunlight Rug Damage

Direct sunlight can fade colours over time. To prevent uneven fading, rotate your rug several times a year. You can also rotate rugs between rooms to give them equal exposure to the brightest rooms in the house.

Moth Rug Damage

Typically moths will nest in rugs that have been rolled up in storage areas.

Carpet Beetles Rug Damage

These insects look like bed bugs and feed on textile fibres. If an infestation is left for too long, they will actually weaken the fibres, making them brittle. Good housekeeping habits help to keep infestations from occurring in the first place.

Professional Rug Cleaning

When a rug label states that it is 100% wool it only refers to the yarn. The backing of a rug can be made of cotton, wool or synthetic fibres. Although wool is the best material for the rug pile, it is not the best material for the foundation of the rug (after washing, a wool foundation rug will not lie flat). Be sure to hire a professional to “Call Professional Sydney Rug Cleaners for further assistance on 02 8007 5251″.

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