Cleaning Your Rug’s Fringe

Rug owners like their rugs to be clean and find keeping the fringes clean and look bright could be challenging and grubby look fringe does leave a bad impression on the overall appearance of the rug. When customers decide to get their rug cleaned, expectation are rugs will look clean and the fringes will be appearing white.

Before we dwell in cleaning process let us understand the rug making process.

Rug Fringe Cleaning and Repair Sydney

Rug Fringe Cleaning and Repair Sydney

Handmade Rugs vs Machine Made Rugs

In handmade rugs fringes are made of warps which rugs through the rug. Fringes form the foundation of the rug to which the fibres are wrapped around. Although fringes do not affect the price of the rug but it could have serious effect on the appearance and could do more damage if the fringe starts to break or get peeled and can release the fibres wrapped around it, which will eventually effect the value of a rug.

With machine made rugs fringes are usually sewed after the rug is made and it is basically an add on. If the fringes do get really dirty or worn then old one is removed and brand new one is sewed.

What Are the Fringes of Rugs Actually Made of?

A rug’s Fringe is usually made of natural fibres such as wool or cotton. Wool is excellent in hiding the dirt, but when cotton is used it tends to show all the dirt and there is high chance it will turn yellow.

Best Method for Cleaning a Grubby Rug’s Fringe

Now days there is tendency to use bleaching chemicals to get the fringes white, this eventually makes the fringes brittle and breaks. Hydrogen peroxide is a common agent used to clean the fringes which makes the fringes white but constant or heavy use damages the fringes.

Best and safe way to clean fringes is using alkaline based cleaner, where the process is repeated multiple times as cleaning fringes could be hard work.


Do not vacuum over your rug’s fringe, especially the high powered vacuum cleaners with a brush. This will cause the fringes to get caught in the brush and with constant use this will eventually lead to fringes being torn. Only use the brush to clean the fringes.

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