Type of Rugs

There are many different types of rugs made of different fabrics. Each type of rug has its own distinct characteristics. These are some of the different rug types.

Persian Rugs are among the most popular rugs in the world. Generally Persian Rugs are featured in their designs with diagonal, straight, horizontal lines and floral prints.

French Rugs – If you like grand floral designed rugs then you have to choose French Rugs.

Oriental Rugs – Oriental rugs add a touch of luxury to any room. They have the excellent characteristics of durability and resilience.

Contemporary Style Rugs – These rugs can be described as ‘art on the floor’. Unusual shapes, attractive colours are some of the characteristics of contemporary style rugs.

Transitional Rugs - These rugs are stylish and fit in any kind of interior space.

Flokati Area Rugs are long – lasting and soft. These rugs come from Greece and can be washed in most commercial washing machines.

Tibetan Rugs have energetic geometric designs. They are often used for bedding, saddle blankets and meditation mats.

Braided Area Rugs fit in any home or interior space. They have soft fibres which act as insulators on cold winter-time floors.

Handmade Rugs are woven by highly skilled human hands. They are ultimate functional artworks and usable in any home.

Machine made Rugs are available in many different colours, designs, textures, and fibres.

Professional Rug Cleaning – When a rug label states that it is 100% wool it only refers to the yarn. The backing of a rug can be made of cotton, wool or synthetic fibres. Although wool is the best material for the rug pile, it is not the best material for the foundation of the rug (after washing, a wool foundation rug will not lie flat). Be sure to hire a professional to “Call Professional Sydney Rug Cleaners for further assistance on 02 8007 5251″.

Rugs with a rayon pile should only be dry-cleaned.

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