Types of Leather

When the cows hide is sorted it goes through variety of grading process, where each hide is classified depending on the quality of hide. Premium hides are used to secure for Aniline and Nubuck lounges and some pigmented leather.

With the advancement of technology there are lot of enhancement in the leather lounge making process.

There are mostly three types of leather lounges made of:


It is the most pure hide amongst all. It is very natural looking and all the natural qualities such as spores are very visible. This type of leather is only covered with dye and is not finished with protective coating.




Nubuck is made from aniline dyed leather where the surface of the leather is abraded to give the shiny or waxy look. Leather appears to be soft and the spores are not clearly visible.




It is one of the most commonly used leather in the lounge making. Pigmented leather is very durable and easy to maintain. Pigmented leather as the name suggests is topped with an invisible layer made of resilient material, which protects the lounge and also assist with cleaning and maintenance. Stain removal treatment is very effective on pigmented leather. With the time this layer gets worn out and one aspect of the maintenance program should be replenishing this layer.




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