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Rugs give your house an appealing and welcoming look. It is important to clean your rugs to keep your house looking and smelling fresh. Uncleaned rugs produce nasty odours due to the accumulation of pet urine, grime, stains and dirt. Stains become permanent and difficult to remove if left untreated for any time. At Sydney Rug Cleaners we provide the finest rug cleaning service with the best equipment to care for your rugs. When it comes to rug cleaning advice firstly we need to understand each rug has its own set of needs and has to be cleaned accordingly. It is very important to apply the correct cleaning method. At Sydney Rug Cleaners we check the type of rug and and provide the best rug cleaning advice and which method is most suitable for your rug.

Our Standard Rug Cleaning Process :

  • Free onsite quote, assessment and pick up.
  • So not every rug can be treated using the same technique. For handmade rugs great care has to be taken as they are more sensitive than machine-made rugs.
  • Carpets are checked for any previous cleaning or repairs to avoid further damage.
  • We either use the Dolaplama technique or vacuuming, whichever method is more suitable for dust and dirt removal.
  • Certain rugs may lose colour while cleaning. Therefore they are tested for colour fastness which will indicate the best approach … perhaps dry cleaning or extraction methods would be used.
  • If there are any areas on the rug which are damaged or soiled, pre-treatment is given to that specific area
  • Please note, Sometimes pet urine and other stains cannot be removed as the urine or dyes may have permanently damaged the fibres.
  • Depending on the type of rug and initial processes, best cleaning method is used. Some of the most common methods are: Dry cleaning, immersion, extraction, jet spray etc.
  • Rug is dried and optional treatment such as deodorising, protection is applied.
  • Finally, rug is delivered

For more rug cleaning advice and quotations, contact our professionals on 1800 660 466.

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