Synthetic Rug Cleaning Sydney

Synthetic Rug Cleaning

For proper synthetic rug cleaning in Sydney at Sydney Rug Cleaners we have just the right solution for your rug. Synthetic rugs are made from an artificial material that is really a type of plastic. There are several materials like polypropylene (sometimes called olefin), polyester, and nylon. Unlike wool rugs, which have fibres that better trap and hide dirt and dust, synthetic rugs look dirty sooner, because the dirt simply sticks to the fibres. This means that they will need cleaning more often. When they are compared, they lack the bright vibrant colours that you often see in wool or silk rugs.

Synthetic rug cleaning is no easier than other types of rug cleaning. All synthetic rugs are made by machines and because their ‘core material’ is a plastic, synthetic rugs and their fibres become ‘sticky’, it is difficult for ordinary vacuum cleaners to thoroughly draw out all the dirt, pet hairs and lint. Sometimes if the rug is quite soiled, cleaning needs to be attended to by hand. This raises a question of value… Keeping an inexpensive synthetic rug looking its best, may quickly cost more money than replacing it.

How Do We Clean Synthetic Rugs?

At Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets we provide you the best commercial synthetic rug cleaning in Sydney. Because synthetic fibres are so short, they are not soft underfoot and sometimes the backing of the rug is made of jute. If you have pets, the synthetic fibres of the rug are not a problem to clean if your pet has ‘an accident’, but urine seeps through to the jute backing, the jute fibres soak up the liquid and release an unwanted and unpleasant odour. Commercial cleaning is recommended in this situation.


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Disadvantages of Synthetic Rugs

It is worth to consider the disadvantages of synthetic rugs before you make your purchase. They include:
Prone for soiling – As compared to hand made rugs, Synthetic rugs being smooth strands are not able to hide the dirt
Cannot be renewed- Synthetic fibres are not made from petroleum based product and is not renewable resource
Attract fine things- Due to synthetic in nature fibres create magnetic energy when walked upon and this magnetic field attract hair, lint and could be nightmare to clean.
Susceptible to wear and tear- As the rugs are made from artificial fibres, they are not resilient towards the abrasion and will easily wear at the high traffic area.
Will hold odours- Most of the synthetic rugs are wrapped around jute backing. Jute is prone to hold odours from urine, food etc.

Synthetic Rug Cleaning Process

At Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets we examine your rug in detail and employs a thorough synthetic rug cleaning process:

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