Pet Urine Stain Removal Sydney

Pet Urine Stain Removal

Rugs give your house an appealing and welcoming look. It is important to clean your rugs to keep your house looking and smelling fresh. Uncleaned rugs produce nasty odours due to the accumulation of pet urine, grime, stains and dirt. Stains become permanent and difficult to remove if left untreated for any time. At Sydney Rug Cleaners we provide the finest rug cleaning service with the best equipment to care for your rugs. 

When it comes to rug cleaning advice firstly we need to understand each rug has its own set of needs and has to be cleaned accordingly. It is very important to apply the correct cleaning method. At Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets we check the type of rug and and provide the best rug cleaning advice and which method is most suitable for your rug.

At Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets, we provide pet urine stain removal solution through greater Sydney to protect your precious rugs by removing the urine crystals, taking away the odour and the urine stains, and protecting against the risk of physical damage. Urine contaminated rugs are immersed in a special solution which is ‘green-certified’ to break down the crystals. Then the rug is rinsed with clean water until no urine crystals remain. This process restores the value and the appearance of the rug.

Colour loss can take place when the rugs are affected by urine. Urine is acidic as it comes in contact with the rug fibres and after cooling down, it turns alkaline. During this chemical change, without quick attention, colour loss may take place which could be permanent.

Pet Urine Stain Removal

Pet Urine Stain Removal Process