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Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning

Looking for professional oriental rug cleaning in Sydney? Then look no further! Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets specialise in Oriental and Persian Rugs cleaning in Sydney. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products we make your much loved rug look new again.

The History of Oriental & Persian Rugs

Iran, formerly known as Persia is the largest producer of Persian rugs. All rugs that come from Iran are called Persian rugs. Persian rug means ‘to spread’ in Iranian. Rug making is an old art which dates back to ancient Persia. Which is why it requires very specific rug cleaning.

Iran exports 30% of the world’s demand for handmade oriental rugs, these rugs show a high standard of workmanship and overall quality. In recent years, other countries have presented considerable competition to the Iranian rug manufacturers. They try to copy Persian rug making skills and also offer less expensive machine-made rugs.

Pazyryk carpet is the oldest known surviving carpet in the world. It dates from the 5th century BC. The most expensive run of carpet in the world is a 17th century Persian vase-style carpet which was sold in June 2013 for 33.8 million dollars. Wool is the most common fibre used in
Persian rug-making, due to its durability and quality. Persian rugs are also made from silk, but because the fibre is fragile and expensive, silk rugs are used as tapestries which are hung on walls rather than being used as floor coverings.

The difference between Oriental and Persian rugs? Rugs made in Asian Countries like China, India, Iran, Pakistan and Tibet are called ‘Oriental rugs’. Rugs made in Iran (Persia) are called ‘Persian rugs’.

All Persian rugs can be called Oriental rugs, but Oriental rugs are not Persian rugs. Persian rug styles are linked to cities, villages and tribes in Iran. Most popular are Kerman, Heriz, Tabriz and Kashan.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Sydney’s Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning Specialists!


The design is the same on the front of the rug as it is on the back and the fringe will be part of the rug and not sewn on. The fringe is always located along the short sides


There will be inconsistencies in the binding of a Persian rug i.e. the rows are not in perfect straight lines . Also, the knots are more ‘random’ and don’t look as though they were made by a machine.


Hand-made rugs are hand knotted on a foundation composed of warps and wefts. Warps run parallel with the long side and wefts run parallel with the short side of the rug.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets examines your rug in detail and employ a very thorough process for oriental rug cleaning in sydney:

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