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Sydney Rug Cleaners offer one of the best woolen rug cleaning in Sydney. Wool is a natural protein fibre which comes from animal hair, usually from sheep. In the modern world New Zealand is considered to be the best source of wool for carpet and rug manufacturing. The quality of wool is determined by its fibre diameter, colour, staple strength, crimp and yield.

To better understand the woolen rug cleaning process we need to know what they are made of. Woolen rugs are hygroscopic and can hold up to 30% of their body-weight in water without feeling wet. Another feature of wool is that it is a fire retardant and it’s very resilient because wool fibres return to their natural position. On the downside, wool is susceptible to fading in sunlight and may suffer colour damage due to ‘cellulose browning’, this occurs when there is a marked change in ph level.

Characteristics of Woolen Rug

One thing you need to look for woolen rugs is that they are susceptible to light sun fading. Other characteristics of woolen rug include:

• Hygroscopic- could hold upto 30% of body weight in water without feeling wet,
• Resilience to fire- wool is fire redundant.
• Wool is very resilient – Allows fibre return to its natural position
• Wool is Susceptible to light sun fading
• Susceptible to colour damage
• Cellulose browning- Could brown easily due to change in PH level.

Woolen Rug Cleaning Process

At Sydney Rug Cleaners we employ the most thorough process for woolen rug cleaning in sydney:

• Test of colourfast
• If colour runs contact customer to discuss further and apply colourfast
• Vacuum both sides of your woolen rug
• Light spray a PH neutral cleaner to the pile of rug
• Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning)
• Bonnet clean (Dry Clean) with dry pad
• Repeat the extraction process
• Repeat the bonnet clean process
• Extract the excess water
• Apply additional treatment, such as deodorising, protection if opted
• Flat dry the woolen rug if colour bleeds or else dry on the rack

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