How to Care For Rugs

How to Care For Rugs

Onsite v/s Offsite cleaning ?

Rugs are made all around the world with different fibres, styles, materials, dyes etc and this creates some complexity. Persian rugs coming from Iran after
the revolution and also from other parts of the world tends to bleed colour and thus require colourfast identification and treatment. This requires extra time.

Rugs can hold 80% of the soiling in solid particles. Traditional rugs such as Hand knotted and modern rugs with heavy pile rugs tend to hold lot of dirt. SRC have roper equipment to remove most of the soiling which cannot be removed by regular cleaning.

Fringe cleaning requires specialised products which are acidic in nature which requires ample of ventilation until it is thoroughly rinsed, proper setup to avoid spillage and further damage to rug and property

Pre existing damage needs extensive care and facility to ensure rug is not further damaged whilst cleaning

In some cases rugs require more than one treatment to get required results.

To prevent damage to customers property, rugs & for safety reason.