Different Types of Carpet Construction

Different Types of Carpet Construction

The carpet making process has evolved over time and has really taken off since the industrial revolution. More are more sophisticated technology and processes are being implemented in carpet production. Below we will discuss different types of carpet on the market today.

Different Types of Carpets
Different Types of Carpets

Woven Carpets

As the name suggests this carpet making process involves fibres being interwoven to the yard together. Woven carpet is very durable and had high degree of resistance to wear and tear.

There are three types of Woven carpet.

Velvet Weave  Carpets

It is a basic process of woven carpet, just the finishing changes. After the carpet has been made the pile or top fibres are vigorously brushed, this action untwists the pile yarn to give a velvet finish.

Wilton Carpets

Wilton is one of the premium carpets.  It is a intricate process and hence it is very expensive. It is produced on Jacquard loom. They come is loop and cut pile. It is very flexible, resilient, strong carpet. Usually laid in high end of the real estate.

Axminster Carpets

Axminster is known for its vibrant colours and is made in a cut pile fibres only. IT is woven on the loom. It does not have any backing and can be stretched in length way only. In addition to lasting appearance Axminster also provides durability, also acts as thermostat by releasing and absorbing moisture to maintain temperature.

Fusion Bonded Carpets

As the name suggest, it is a fusion of fibres in to the liquid adhesive material to form a carpet. In this process the face of the yard is glued directly to the backing of the rug, there is additional layer of glass film added to the backing to give extra stability to the carpet.

This process is usually used in making of carpet tiles, predominately used Due to controlled making process it provides beautiful, rich, lush appearance. Carpet tiles are usually used in office environment. The main advantage of using carpet tiles is it could be replaced easily. Where carpet tiles are stained or worn it could be replaced with the tiles from the same area which are in better condition and appearance.

Tufted Carpets

Most of the carpets now are tufted carpet. In this process yarns are stitched into the material. This material is called primary backing and it is usually thin and then another layer of backing is glued to the primary backing. The second layer is secondary layer which is glued with the help of adhesive to lock in the yarns and protect the primary backing and also gives dimensional and structural stability against wear and tear.

The fibres could be loop or cut pile or both depending on the manufacturer. Fibres are made of wool, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic, blends.

Terminology associated with the carpet construction:

  • Yarn: is a long continuous length or interlocked fibres, fibres could be natural or synthetic
  • Warp: runs along lengthwise in the foundation of the rug in hand made rugs forms fringes at the either end.
  • Weft: runs width wise along the rug is usually width of the rug.