How to Repair Water Damaged Rugs

How to Repair Water Damaged Rugs

Water Damage to property can be very stressful and very costly and end up destroying lot of valuable personal items such as rugs, carpets etc. And unless you’re lucky enough to have insurance, it will end up leaving you out picking up a hefty tab to repair or replace the damaged items. In few instances houses even need to be temporarily evacuated until the job is complete, causing great deal of inconvenience and hardship to the families involved.

Water Damaged Rug Sydney
Water Damaged Rug Sydney

Protecting Your Rugs and Carpets

Minimising hazards to limit the risk of the risk of property damage to your rugs and carpets, etc, should be paramount. But if the worst does happen, then you need to call Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets to bring the effected rugs and carpets back to their original (pre-flood) condition.

Main Causes of Water Damage to Rugs and Carpets

  • Accidents
  • Floods
  • Defective pipes and attachments
  • Faulty pipes
  • Will full damage
  • Water tank leakage

Use of Science in Rug Restoration

Psychrometrics in Rug Restoration

This is a vital part in drying the affected Rug or Carpet area. Psychrometrics is the relationship between temperature, Humidity and airflow. Humidity is calculated based on Psychrometrics. Higher temperatures make molecules travel faster, and adequate air flow will make the fibers in the rug or carpet dry faster. Specific Humidity is the amount of moisture present in the air. And the higher the specific humidity the more moisture is present.

Should I Leave the Doors and Windows Open During Cleaning?

The thumb rule in cleaning a flooded rug or carpet is pretty simple: if the weather is hot outside letting the hot air in will assist, but if it is cold outside do not leave the doors and windows open. By letting the cold air inside the specific Humidity is lowered which effects the drying time, thus increasing the workload on the machine.

Cleaning Equipment for Flooded Rugs

With the advancement in rug cleaning and carpet cleaning technology, we now have access to highly reliable tools that are able to significantly speed up the drying process. These include:


Air movers are vital to speed up the drying process. As they help to circulate the air faster which enhances the amount of moisture carried in the air. Air movers should be placed where it can generate most air movement.

Multiple Air movers maybe required depending on the area of the room.


It is not good enough just to use air movers in a flooded room, as air movers will accelerate the flow of moisture throughout the room. And if this moisture is not captured then it will be absorbed by hygroscopic materials such as wood frames, false walls, electrical equipment etc. Resulting in immediate damage to the items electrical components. It could also increase the growth of mould, and negatively impact people who suffer from asthma, allergies, etc.

A professional Dehumidifier sucks the air and converts the moisture in the air to water. and the moisture free air is released back to the surrounding. Excess water is removed through the dehumidifier’s extraction pipe.

Dehumidifiers are energy efficient and do not cost much to run and it does not make lot of noise and the house can be occupied whilst the machine is doing its job.  A dehumidifier should not be turned off till the job is complete, to avoid the machine getting acclimated to the surroundings again.

Different types of Dehumidifiers

Desiccant Dehumidifier:

  • Maintains high performance in low temperatures
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Less noise
  • May include heater. Higher Wattage
  • Increases room temperature by 3-5d

Compressor Dehumidifier

  • Only works well in higher temperature
  • Bulkier and heavier
  • Bit loud
  • Less power consumption
  • Increase room temperature by 1-2d

Science and technology plays a vital role in understating the nature of why rugs and carpets retain water after a flood, and give us the tools to fix the issue. By using state of the art technology, Sydney Rug Cleaning Carpets technicians are able to manage the water damage effectively.

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