How to Clean Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs

How to Clean Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs

Difference between Oriental and Persian rugs are; rugs which are made in Asia Countries such as China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Tibet are called Oriental rugs. Rugs coming out of Iran (Persia) are called as Persian rugs.

All Oriental rugs can be Persian rugs but Oriental rugs cannot be Persian rugs. Persian rugs are generic and are linked to the cities, villages, tribes etc in Iran, most popular are Kerman or Heriz, Tabriz and Kashan.

Oriental Rug Cleaning & Persian Rug Cleaning - the Pazyryk Rug

The Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest known surviving carpet in the world, 5th century BC. Both rugs are hand knotted and have unique design and colour which can be traced to generations.  Premium Fibres of wool, silk, cotton are used

Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning Process.

  • *Test of colourfast..
  • *If colour runs contact customer to discuss further and apply colourfast.
  • *Vacuum both sides of rug.
  • *Light spray a PH neutral cleaner to the pile of rug.
  • *Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning).
  • *Bonnet clean (Dry Clean) with dry pad.
  • *Repeat the extraction process.
  • *Repeat the bonnet clean process.
  • *Extract the excess water.
  • *Apply additional treatment, such as deodorising, protection if opted.
  • *Flat dry the rug if colour bleeds or else dry on the rack.

Properly maintained and cared rugs could even be an investment due to increase in value.

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