How to Clean Hand Tufted Rugs

How to Clean Hand Tufted Rugs

As the name suggests, hand tufted rugs are hand made with mostly woollen fibres. Hand tuffed rugs have increased in their popularity due to is quality, duability, comfort and cost. There are premium hand tufted rugs such as Lacey Champion, the scott group and V’Soske made by using electric or air powered needle punch gun where one craftsman will make the entire rug and are of very quality and very expensive.

Hand Tufed Rugs Sydney

Handtuffed rugs of various quality made in India and China. Fibre usually wool is punched through the cloth and then secondary backing is glued to the primary back to cover the base. In more premium rugs especially from India, there is no secondary backing just latex with small square like pattern.

Cleaning Process – Hand Tufted Rugs

  • *Inspect for damage, delamination, tears etc.
  • *Test of colourfast.
  • *If colour runs contact customer to discuss further and apply colourfast.
  • *Vacuum both sides of rug.
  • *Light spray a PH neutral cleaner to the pile of rug.
  • *Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning).
  • *Bonnet clean (Dry Clean) with dry pad.
  • *Repeat the extraction process.
  • *Repeat the bonnet clean process.
  • *Extract the excess water.
  • *Apply additional treatment, such as deodorising, protection if opted.
  • *Flat dry the rug if colour bleeds or else dry on the rack.

Problems Cleaning Hand Tufed Rugs

With wear and tear & heat the adhesive used to bind the primary and secondary back can become ineffective. Resulting in ripples, delamination’s, loss in dimensional stability and unpleasant appearance.

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