Importance of Protecting Your Rug

Importance of Protecting Your Rug

Life is full of accidents and could result in damaging your precious rug or carpet. Resulting in unruly appearance, expensive to remove or replacing the damaged area, thus costing money. Application of Protection (also commonly known as Scotchguard) could eliminate this issue, giving you extra time to react.

The Carpet Manufacturing Process

The carpet manufacturing process is not effort proof. For the carpet to absorb colour dyesytes are applied, when colour is applied only 70% of the dyesite absorb the colour. Thus, leaving the remaining 30% of dysites to absorb colour from the surrounding environment and accidents.

How Does Carpet Protection Work?

Protections encapsulates the dyesites in the fabrics which has not absorbed the colour, creating a barrier against dirt, and stains.

Process of Application

Best way to apply the protection is co applying whist cleaning the carpet. Where the carpet is vacuumed, protection is mixed with the main carpet cleaning solution and is sprayed heavily on to the fibres and then cleaned with the buffer which helps in removing dirt and agitation the protection deeper into the fibres. Protection can also be applied after the clean, but it does requires twice the chemical and may leave the fibres bit wet than previous process.

How Often Carpet Protection Needs to be Applied

Most of the carpets now days come with factory applied protection. With the usage and time, this layer gets worn out and requires reapplication. Common areas with high traffic such as hallway, stairs, lounge, dining areas should be retreated with protection at least once a year.

Post Application

After application, carpets do appear to be slightly stiff due to added layer, but it does come back to its original feel after some usage. Fibres should not be vacuumed at least for a week after post application of protection.

Will Protection Safeguard Against All Carpet Stains?

Protection is a layer which will protect against most of the things expect

  • Dye transfer from other fabrics or furniture
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Sunlight fading
  • Burns, flooding, mould etc

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