Spot cleaning – How to Clean Stains from Your Rug

Spot cleaning – How to Clean Stains from Your Rug

Spills are part of life and bigger the family more chance are it may splash on your rugs. How to react when spills occur?

When dealing with the spills quickest action will save lot of time, money and may be the best action to salvage the carpet.

What action can I take?

As you are the first person on site when the incident happens, your action will determine the best possible outcome.

Wine Spill

For wine spills on a rug, blot the area as much as possible with absorbent white towel and rinse it frequently. Do not stop blotting till you don’t see any wine transfer on the towel. Whilst blotting do not scrub the pile as it may get distorted and may damage the pile for good. Placing a heavy object on the cloth could be useful in some cases.

Synthetic vs Wool Fibres

If the fibres are synthetic this process should suffice to remove the wine. If the fibres are wool and residues are still left behind which may require additional treatment. There is tendency to use all you have to remove the stain due to desperation or panic. The common household products available in superstores with promises all under the sun can cause more damage than good.

Carpet Cleaning Products – Do Spot Testing

If you are tempted to use some unknown product try on one spot and wait till it dries up to see if the process has been successful. Many times the common products are high on PH level and could leave bleaching effect due to oxidisation process, where oxygen is put into the fibres.

Use Stain Cleaning Products that have a Neutral PH Level

Try products which are neutral in nature which is around 7ph level, in worst case scenario if it does not work it will not make further damage. If the stain still persist please call the professionals as more ineffective products used it changes the nature of stain and gets harder to remove the stain.

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