Steam Cleaning v Dry Cleaning – Which is Better?

Steam Cleaning v Dry Cleaning – Which is Better?

Steam Cleaning your carpets or Dry Cleaning your carpets, which should you choose?  This is an age old question, to which there really isn’t an easy answer. As it very much depends on what your carpet or rug is made out of, and what (if any) stains are being removed.

Carpet Steam Cleaning – Sydney

Steam cleaning is also called Hot water extraction. It is one of the best known method to remove soiling and stains. In this process hot or cold water solution is sprayed on the carpet, upholstery etc., and is then extracted using a wand and sucked by vacuum into the machine. This process has been in operation for few decades and offers one of the most effective means of cleaning.

Customer relate cleaning with steam cleaning even though other process may be used, steam cleaning has become synonymous with cleaning. There is notion that steam cleaning is the best as the steam will help to kill all the nasties on the fabrics. To clean the microbial organism on the fabrics, water will have to be at least boiling temperature which even achieved will destroy the fabrics.


  • Effective in removing dirt
  • Effective in stain removal


  • Need expensive machine
  • Machine could be bulky and hard to carry
  • Leaves the carpet wet
  • Fabric could get delaminated
  • Could not be used on all the fabrics

Dry Cleaning – Sydney

Dry cleaning is also known as low moisture cleaning. There is misconception that due to its name no water is used in cleaning and it dries immediately. Due to less water used it is commonly referred to dry cleaning.

In this cleaning process solution is sprayed on the carpet and then high absorbent pad is used placed under the rotary buffer is hovered on the carpet or rugs in circular motions.


  • Dries faster than steam cleaning
  • Machines are less expensive
  • Not heavy to lift
  • No much chances of delamination


  • Not effective on highly soiled carpets
  • Cannot be used where anti-microbial products or pre spray with high PH are used
  • This process cannot be used on delicate fibres and on upholstery cleaning.

How to Protect Rugs

Rugs are sensitive and prone to damage and normal wear and tear. The more expensive the rug, the higher the care needed to maintain it. Follow the below steps to maintain your rugs.


Lot of dust get settled on the rugs which not cleared regularly could damage the fibres easily. Heavily used rug should be vacuumed and dusted at least weekly or even twice depending on the usage or fortnightly if not used every day. Best way to get the dirt out is put the rug upside down on the compound and beat it at the back, turns it over and vacuum it, if required repeat the process again.

Please ensure vacuum is not rolled on the fringes as it may get damaged due to excessive pressure.

Rotate the Rug

Depending on the fibres and make of the rug, some rugs are easily susceptible to wear and tear such as synthetic, polypropylene. If the rugs are not rotated regularly,   rug could get more worn out from one end more than other depending on the usage. Rotate the rug every 3-4 months.

Use Fibre Protection

Use fibre protection to prevent the fibres from staining. Protection is not bulletproof solution for all the stains but it will provide you with the valuable time to react. Fabric which has protection applied respond better for stain removal treatment which could be performed by customers or by professionals

Do Not Use Common Sprays on Rugs

There are lot of sprays available in market which promise you miracle if used. These sprays are usually designed for synthetic or polypropylene fibres which could handle high PH. If same spray are use on Wool and other natural fibres it could possibly damage them leaving bleaching effect. If you have to use it on any rugs, do a spot test in an inconspicuous place and check for the after effects.

Rug Pads

Rug pads are fantastic they not just help with extra cushioning for the feet, also stops rugs from moving, wear and tear.

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