Hydroxyl – Machine Rug Cleaning and Sanitising

Hydroxyl – Machine Rug Cleaning and Sanitising

Keeping up with the customers’ needs and requirements, we have introduced Odorox machine in our rug cleaning process. Odorox is state of the art machine which is highly efficient in sanitising the fabrics in killing the bacteria, viruses, VOCs and other chemicals. Odorox could be used in all places such as, cars, boats, houses, commercial kitchen etc.

Best part of using Odorox is whilst the machine is doing its job in the surrounding area is still safe for human dwelling, plants and pets. The contaminants does not have to be present in the same room, as long as there is free flow of air it will sanitise all the neighbouring areas.

How does Odorox Work?

Hydroxyls are the single most important agent that scrubs and cleanses our planets atmosphere and cleanses our planets atmosphere.

ODOROX® Hydroxyl Generators replicate this natural process:

Hydroxyl Chemical Process

ODOROX® implements a dual process attack on contaminants.

1. The processing chamber sanitizes airflow and produces hydroxyls (HO•).

2. The hydroxyl (HO•) molecules exit the chamber to decontaminate surfaces and contents.

Processing Chamber inside an Odorox machine.

Contaminated air is directed into the chamber where ambient humidity and multiple nanometre wavelengths and frequencies combine to create an oxidizing formula and produce hydroxyls.

The quartz crystal optics are finely tuned to deodorize air flow, eradicate bacteria and other microorganisms, and produce hydroxyl molecules.

The purified air is recycled back into the environment along with hydroxyls to further decontaminate surfaces & contents.

Hydroxyl Makes Carpet Cleaning Safe For Our Environment

Sydney Rug cleaners now uses Odorox machine to naturally sanitise the rugs. Odorox machine generates hydroxyl to kill bacteria. Odorox replicates Mother Nature’s process where molecules are generated when sun’s ultraviolet rays react with vapour and hydroxyls are generated.

Pollutants eliminated in the far corner of room might not be the same hydroxyl sent by Odorox machine, this is due to the fact that Hydroxyl triggers a process by creating more hydroxyl on the way and multiplying the effect.

Rest could be all assured to our customers that by using Hydroxyl no harmful chemicals are used in the process, making it safe for all and for our environment.


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