The Difference Between Hand Knitted and Machine Made Rugs

The Difference Between Hand Knitted Rugs and Machine Made Rugs

With the technological advances machine made rugs have started to closely resemble handmade rugs and as a customer one has to identify the difference in both as the cost will vary significantly. Machine- made rugs could be made in matter or hours or days, as to handmade rugs could take years depending on the size and complexity.

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Handmade rugs are hand knotted on a foundation composed of warps and wefts. Warps run length ways and wefts runs left to right of the rug.

  • *Look at the back of the rug. Hand knotted rugs will not display the warp yarn while machine made rugs will.
  • *Handmade rugs will often have a woven selvage while machine made rugs do not.
  • *The fringe on hand made rugs will be the continued warp yarns while machine made rugs have a sewn on fringe.

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