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How to Clean Hand Tufted Rugs

How to Clean Hand Tufted Rugs As the name suggests, hand tufted rugs are hand made with mostly woollen fibres. Hand tuffed rugs have increased

How to Clean Woolen Rugs

How to Clean Woolen Rugs Wool is natural protein fibre comes from animal hair and in modern world New Zealand is considered to be best

How to Clean a Silk Rug

How to Clean Silk rugs Legend says rugs silk fibre was discovered by accident in China around 2600 BC, where an empress accidentally dropped a

Caring For Rugs

Caring for Rugs Caring for rugs is important to make your rug lasts longer. All rugs – whether machine-made, handmade, small rug or a large

Type Of Rugs

Type of Rugs There are many different types of rugs made of different fabrics. Each type of rug has its own distinct characteristics. These are